Life After Delivery (Stephen Ray)

Is There a God? Does Heaven Exist? The Best Allegory Ever! The Stupidity of Atheists | Defenders of the Catholic Faith | Hosted by Stephen K. Ray.

Great article on an allegory of “life after delivery”.  Of course, it does not prove directly about God’s existence but proves our sense of the transcendental.  It’s just that we are given a sort of “sixth sense” being able to identify something that is beyond what we sense.

When our scientific forefathers realized that the sun, moon, stars and other heavenly bodies (object in the sky) seem to repeat their motion in the sky every 24 hours, every moonth (“month”), every year (365.25 days) many imaginations came.  Even mathematics eventually became sophisticated (recall differential “calculus”? Integration and differentiation do not ring a bell?) to handle complex ideas such as orbits and three laws of motion (Newton and others).  Thus, Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion.  Who would not think that we can sense something that transcends our senses?

If we ignore our “sense” some being who is the Beginning, Sustaining, and End principle, we have not valued yet our ability as human beings to create that science that has discovered many universal laws and facts guided only be a small sample in space-time.

The certainty of the Ultimate Being who must also be a person — God — if evaluated under the philosophy of science would be at the same level of certainty of the many scientific conclusions. In Big Bang Theory, we almost believe that the entire Universe in its “distant” (read: 13.77 billion years) past begun to expand rapidly from an extremely point-like time-space extent.  In our 200,000-year existence (or perhaps 1 million years, does it matter with respect to this argument) have we recorded enough data points and/or analyzed all possible interpretations to such data set and conclude such statement as fact?  Would the geological times we imagined be the only unique solution to the data we have regarding the age of our Planet and therefore the entire Solar System, etc?

I’m not saying all our science is wrong. My statement above is this: That we have to accept that our science itself accepts limitations in the conclusions that can be made and uncertainties are present.  The 13.77 billion years estimate has uncertainty that covers at least ten (10) human civilization ages.  Even the data points has uncertainties.  Every scientific fact has uncertainties.  If we ignore these uncertainties and do not include them in discussions, we fail to become scientists.

So, how confident are we, should we do, state that that “God” referred to by religious intellect, in all levels of reality, does not exist?  We must give our p-value if we are to assess such statement.